How Painful Is It to Fly in Economy to Australia?

The thought of flying from North America to Australia can be overwhelming–and for good reason. Spending 21 hours in the air and adjusting to a 14-hour time difference is not easy! On the blog I shared tips for surviving a long-haul flight. And now our family has just put them to the test on our longest ever trip. Did we follow our own advice? See how we fared, as we answer the question, “How painful is it to fly in Economy to Australia?”

Close-up photo of the face of a soft, fuzzy koala bear in Australia.
Start with the destination in mind: Is it worth a bit of discomfort to see Australia’s amazing wildlife?
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Ready to Travel for Free? Start Here!

The Trip Takes Us gang has enjoyed lots of free travel as a result of having a healthy balance of frequent flier miles and hotel and credit card points. Today we are starting a series of posts for beginners to de-mystify the process and help YOU get on your way to earning free travel.

Flying 2
Let’s get you up in the air!

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Frequent Flier Miles for Emergencies

“That was rough,” my cousin quietly confessed last Saturday after a service to bid our final farewell to his father, my uncle. As I gave him a long hug, I was so grateful to be able to be there to support my family. Is there anything more important?

Emergencies happen. And rarely are they convenient. They often leave us scrambling at the last-minute to find cheap or at least moderately affordable flights. Airline bereavement fares these days provide little to no reprieve, offering tiny discounts or forcing buyers to jump through myriad hoops precisely at a time when they do not need added complications.

In situations like this, it can be a real blessing to have a stash of frequent flier miles and, importantly, to know how to use them. Award tickets are a great option for last-minute travel. If you purchase a revenue ticket two or three days before departure, you will pay top dollar. However, in that same window, there is often award ticket availability, as airlines try to fill unsold seats on upcoming flights. Continue reading “Frequent Flier Miles for Emergencies”